F&M Workshop


F&M Workshop is an endeavor to rethink design and build concepts through the physical act of making. Working within a repurposed 1940’s auto repair shop, designers and makers share an environment where ideas are explored through dialogue and iterative process. Projects are developed through careful consideration of materials and methodologies that draw upon skills derived from research, custom work, and ingenuity arising from experimentation. In the melding of material and landscape, F&M Workshop designs spaces and creates objects reflective of function, quality, and craft.



F&M Workshop provides residential, commercial, and landscape design services and has completed a select number of design-build projects. Projects are a result of extensive research, collaboration, planning, and development of each client’s unique design challenges. Learn more.


F&M Workshop produces custom fabrications including cabinetry, doors, handrails, hardware, and tables for residential and commercial spaces. Working primarily in wood, steel, and brass, F&M Workshop collaborates with contractors and clients on the design and production of custom work. Learn more.


Design Café

F&M Workshop is proud to provide professional services through the Design Café, creating an approachable atmosphere for members of the community to seek assistance with their homes or work space at an affordable, hourly rate. Learn more.


F&M Workshop's first collection, entitled the Bolero Series, was originally created for daily use at F&M's exhibition space. The Bolero Series, consisting of benches and stools, are made from hand-bent rod and repurposed antique wood. Learn more.