Full Circle: Cornelia White Swann's Fugitive Color

By Céleste Wackenhut

There is an intentional intimacy in the way Cornelia White Swann has kept the beginning of her Fugitive Color series small in size—first and foremost, for herself as she becomes familiar with the materiality of natural pigments, but also for the viewer in reflecting upon the subtleties of her paintings...

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Part I: The Kitchen

By Liz Pearson

Like a wobbly first date, imagine developing a new recipe: arrange a pile of ingredients, force them to bump against one another in this vessel or that, and bully their awkward meeting with heat or cold or turmoil. All the while, hope for a positive result that breeds flavor and character. When done right, the process of recipe development is rigorous and airtight...

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Artist Statement for Cornelia White Swann: fugitive color I

I eagerly started this series with a limited foundation and vocabulary for a process that has a history both rich and vast. Working with plants to source pigment is a slow process, heavily dependent on the environment and time. While I’ve always felt that my work pertained to the subtleties of these elements, I was no longer led by my own timelines, but those of the seasons, a welcome and surprising challenge to my studio practice...

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