Joseph Beuys and Martin Kippenberger: Divergent Approaches to Relational Aesthetics

By Lana Shafer Meador

The enactment of the term relational aesthetics, placing the beholders’ (or participants’) social interaction at the center of the artwork, has come to prominence in contemporary art over the past two decades. However, the concept itself has been presaged throughout the twentieth century with the increased acknowledgement of the viewer’s presence and role in the artwork... 

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Making Machines Uncomfortable with Andrew Wit

Curatorial Assistant Kathryn Zimmerhanzel sits down with Andrew Wit to talk about his work in robotic fabrication. 

KZ: When considering robotic fabrication, my initial impression is something very detached and streamlined. Your projects seem almost to counter this, working in a way that introduces aspects of craft. Could you discuss how you came to this?...

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Introducing FAM

Many years ago, I joined a few friends for drinks at Southtown’s La Tuna. They had just finished up a workshop on authentic branding run by Creative Capital, an organization that works with state and local artists to provide professional development within their artistic communities. Inspired by the topic, my friends and I discussed how artistic success is established and measured through writing—a creative field  often undervalued and overlooked...

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I’m About To Read To You Now

By Hills Snyder

It was the smell of weed that first brought us together. I was sitting in my car shortening a joint by lighting one end on fire while dragging on the other. I was parked on Thirty Fifth Street outside the gates of Laguna Gloria, a good place to be doing what I was doing. He was walking by, heading for those gates, when four fingers of smoke beckoned him to be tapping on my window...

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