Publication Program

F&M Projects’ publication program provides artists with the opportunity to have a book produced on their work. Accepted through a rigorous application process, artists are paired with researchers and writers that explore the artist’s subject matter to create an insightful record of either an installation, series, or multiple years worth of work.

The publication program serves as a resource for artists who need the support of writers to extend the conversation of their work to the public, as well as to create a tangible testimony that surpasses the ephemeral quality of the fleeting exhibition. Publications range in size and print run depending on the artist's history. 

The publications that result are released in conjunction with a corresponding exhibition—turning the traditional exhibition-with-catalogue-as-by-product on its head, focusing instead on the permanence of the publication and presenting an exhibition as a byproduct. 


Call for Applications

The next open call for applications is expected to be scheduled for summer 2019. Artists may register for a complimentary workshop to provide more information on the application process and what the curatorial panel looks for in submissions in April 2019.


Current Release

F&M Projects released a hand-bound publication exploring the work of Alyssa Danna. Commissioned to produce an on-site installation within the raw exhibition space of F&M, Danna presents an elaborate world made up of found objects, salt crystal formations, and live snails. 


Past Releases

Before F&M Projects, French & Michigan Gallery produced publications in conjunction with solo exhibitions for artists exploring new directions in their work. To date, F&M has published four catalogues that include curatorial essays, articles by guest writers, and interviews with the artists. 


Past Exhibitions

Learn more about the exhibitions and programs presented by French & Michigan Gallery that inspired the educational work now operating under the nonprofit organization F&M Projects.