Publication Program application

F&M Projects’ publication program is built upon the belief that an artist who makes impactful artwork should have that work investigated, communicated to the public, and properly archived for future researchers. Artists are chosen based on strength and quality of their work, clarity of intention, and professionalism.

The publication program is now accepting applications for the fall 2018 and spring 2019 releases. To apply, please e-mail the following information listed below to Deadline is February 12, 2018.


Include full name, mailing address, primary e-mail address, and phone number.

Project Description

  1. Describe the project you have completed or are currently working on that you would like published. Project can be one artwork or installation, a series, several series or years worth of work. If project is incomplete, include expected date of completion. Attach description as PDF (no more than one page).
  2. Describe why you feel this particular project should be published and why this is the moment for a publication to be released on your work. Include information on what has led you to this point in your career and/or why this work is pivotal. Attach description as PDF (no more than one page).
  3. What do you envision the publication to be like? Books may range between small hand-bound publications and large, expansive catalogues. All projects will be a collaboration with our designers, however any initial ideas, expectations, or examples of inspiration may be listed here. Attach as PDF (no more than 250 words).
  4. Provide 5-10 high resolution images of-or related to-the project. This may include sketches or studies for a project in progress. If work is completed, include corresponding checklist with titles, dates, medium, dimensions, and value in a PDF format. Attach images as JPEGs. 

Additional Information

  1. Provide Resume or CV. Attach as PDF. 
  2. Provide any additional supporting material, including articles or essays previously written about your work (published or unpublished), media clippings, interviews, and any artist statements. Include dates of when items were written. Attach as PDFs.
  3. Provide contact information for three references of individuals who you have worked with in the past or who are familiar with your work. Include name, title/organization, email address, and phone number. Attach as PDF.  

All applicants are considered. Semifinalists are called in for individual interviews. Finalists are notified after confirmation from the F&M Projects’ publication selection committee. 

All questions and inquiries about the application process and program may be directed to