Upcoming Publications

F&M Projects proudly announces the four artists participating in the inaugural 2019 - 2020 publication program: Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Ryan Takaba, Sterling Allen, and Joey Fauerso. 

Artists were invited through an open call for applications and chosen by a selection panel made up of curators from Ballroom Marfa, Blanton Museum of Art, Dallas Museum of Art, DePaul Art Museum, and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Continue reading to learn more about the artists and the upcoming publications.


Jennifer Ling Datchuk
Release July 13, 2019 

A publication collecting works from three series — Dark and LovelyBlackwork, and Girl You Can — that build upon themes of identity, race, and gender primarily through porcelain, as well as performance and digital documentation.

Image: Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Whitewash, stills from video performance, 2017. Credit: Walley Films.

takaba 05.jpg

Ryan Takaba
Expected release, winter 2019 

A publication centered on the series 49 to a new — an installation comprised of living altars activated by the artist for 49 days, made from porcelain forms that function as flower vases, candle holders, and incense burners.

Image: Ryan Takaba, 49 to a new (detail), porcelain, white mums, water, magnets, 2017.


Sterling Allen
Expected release, spring 2020 

A publication centered on a new project of temporary site-specific installations in unsanctioned spaces that address some of the issues inherent in thinking about objects, site, sculpture, and photography.

Image: Sterling Allen, Shadowy & Still, installation view at Sala Diaz, 2016.


Joey Fauerso
Expected release, fall 2020

A publication spanning a five-year period, with a focus on projects that weave together creative and domestic life, including works from the series Dog Hospital, Drawing Battles, A Soft Opening, and You Destroy Every Special Thing I Make.

Image: Joey Fauerso, You Destroy Every Special Thing I Make, wood and canvas construction, 2017.