Residency Program

F&M Projects' residency program centers on providing artists with space and time as they transition into their careers. Residencies consist of rent controlled houses throughout the urban core of San Antonio, giving residents of various artistic approaches actual living and studio space. Residents are dedicated to their fields, interested in the San Antonio landscape, and cultivators of community.

All houses are shared with other residents and have terms related to an artist’s academic and professional pursuits, which can range between a semester or up to three years. Residents may be from any artistic background and media and residencies may be limited to one single genre, such as architecture, or may overlap to foster collaboration and exchange between disciplines.

While programs do not have set deadlines or project requirements, residents are given a box at the start of their term to fill with samples, sketches, and notes that naturally form as residuals from the process of making. Boxes are submitted at the end of the residency and archived at F&M's library, marking this moment in time of their careers and providing a resource for future researchers to investigate.


Maxwell House Residency

F&M Projects launched its first residency—nicknamed Maxwell House—in fall 2015 for architecture graduate students. In partnership with Mike Casey, Maxwell House is designed to allow architecture students a shared living space in an active urban neighborhood while contributing and interacting within a creative community known as the Compound in the Southtown neighborhood.



F&M Projects is now accepting applications for one opening at Maxwell House Residency. Applicants must be current or incoming architecture graduate students studying in San Antonio. 


Upcoming Residencies

F&M Projects is currently exploring additional residency locations throughout San Antonio. Stay tuned for more information as this new program develops.