December 6, 2014 - February 14, 2015


Bringing together a collection of drawings, studies, collages, documents, diagrams, and notes from a variety of mediums and fields, Practice considers the traditional concept of the preliminary sketch and investigates contemporary artistic process.

Encouraging artists to reflect on their practice, this presentation aims to gather studies rarely solicited for exhibition. Viewers are exposed to an artist's initial reaction to an idea, revealing a sense of both honesty and intimacy. 

Similar in spirit to last winter’s exhibition 50 Artists / 250 Works, this season’s presentation encourages the purchase of unique, accessible artwork over the holidays with a price point between $25 and $250, and allows collectors to take objects home immediately.

Artists include David Alcantar, Stuart Allen, Armando Araiza, Audra Biediger, Mark Blizard, Jenny Browne, Alberto Careaga, Carol Cunningham, Jennifer Ling Datchuk, Esteban Delgado, Jenelle Esparza, Raul Gonzalez, Leonardo Hernandez, Mira Hnatyshyn, Gabriel Medina, Ann-Michèle Morales, Rainey, Lyle Rosdahl, Katy Silva, Hills Snyder, Anthony Talerico, Jeremiah Teutsch, Tom Turner, Wade Winters, and French & Michigan artists Larry Graeber, Wesley Harvey, Jaelah Kuehmichel, Lee Michael Peterson, Lisa Qualls, Gary Schott, and Cornelia White Swann. Open house features tables by Peter Zubiate. 

Artwork available through February 14, 2015.

Read more about our exploration of artistic process in the essay Indefinite Forms by curatorial assistant Kathryn Zimmerhanzel. 


Previous Image: Larry Graeber, LG 95 149, 1995. Mixed media, 9 x 8 1/2 in. Courtesy of the artist.