olmos park screened porch


This screen porch addition to the private residence of a doctor and writer was envisioned as a comfortable outdoor space to contemplate, dine, read, and relax. Clean lines of structural steel, eastern red cedar, and concrete are enclosed by brass screen and tensile fabric that play with light, shadow, and weight to create an ethereal space. The materials and form achieve a visual harmony with the existing structure, re-shaping and extending the living space into the outdoors.

Taking into account the resident’s issues with flooding, the polished concrete slab was designed to divert water away from the home without compromising the transition from porch structure to house. The addition is supported by a steel framework which penetrates through the existing roof to create a clean transition and a strong foundation upon which the tensile fabric roof and suspended wooden framework rely. This suspended framework, constructed from custom milled, locally sourced eastern red cedar, holds the brass screen which surrounds the entire porch.

Design-Build: French & Michigan

Custom Steel Work: Oscar's Custom Iron Works

Custom Wood Furniture: Zubiate Projects

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